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The art store is so dangerous! If I don't approach it with a plan, I'll find uses for all sorts of random things that I find wandering the aisles.

In conceptualizing my Winter White Collection, I knew I needed to stock up on white and silver paint, glitter and various size boards and canvases. Luckily I didn't get roped into buying totally unnecessary goodies.

rainbow paintooooooo all the rainbow paint!

neutral tubes of paint canvases

some neutral paints and rows and rows of canvas!

paint spatulasI was very tempted by these paint spatulas....but I restrained myself :)

crackle paintI was also intrigued by this crackle paste that you mix with colored paint and when it dries, it cracks for some serious texture.

After my physical shopping spree, I went online to find some other paint colors that I decided I'd probably needed...and now time to jump into the work!

If you follow me on Instagram (@hannahlowecorman) you'll get a few more preview shots of the beginning stages of the paintings. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Tags: abstract art. gold. white. winter. Winter 2018 Collection. winter white.

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    January 24, 2018 at 07:41

    I am very curious about the crackle paste. Never seen it before. Maybe we should paint together and play with it


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