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I had a fabulous time a few weeks ago having Candace from Whom Studio out to my apartment to photograph my paintings for my website and take some “candid” shots of me at work!

Candace and I met through The Rising Tide Society in Brooklyn: a group of creatives who meet monthly to support each other and discuss current issues - a modern-day salon of sorts.

At the shoot, we chatted about my love of clouds, sunsets and general moodiness. As she was styling some of my favorite paintings with items found around the house, I told her the history or story of each item. Most of my furniture has come from family – like the red club chair on my homepage, which was my grandmother's.

And a lot of what I have decorated with around the house has come from our families as well: for instance a stuffed baby cayman (like a small alligator) from my great-grandparents’ honeymoon (when you were still allowed to bring those things into the country); and a bugle played by my great-great-grandfather to draw in crowds as he rode around the West with Buffalo Bill and his cowboy shows.

She wrote up this very nice blog of our get together and shared some of her favorite shots!


This blue jar was purchased by my parents at a Southern PA antique market back when they lived there in the 70s. And these two little bronze dinosaur statues were my dad’s.

Thanks Candace!

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