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I'm super pumped to announce a new collaboration with Seattle-based interior designer, Albie!

Albie and I met through my favorite virtual (and real-life) community, Reina Pomeroy's Heart Centered Biz Bosses. A group geared towards female entrepreneurs who want to support one another and act as virtual "coworkers" - because when you work from home, there's no option of popping into someone's cube to bounce an idea off them!

Albie and I both have the goal of creating tranquil and relaxing homes and spaces, so it was a perfect match that we should start working together!

Albie creates beautiful, modern and serene rooms for her clients. She works virtually with interior design clients to tailor a unique space that they'll love ~ and then she gives them all the tools and resources for them to make that design a reality.

She also runs a totally cool (and I've personally never seen anything like this before) design subscription box where she curates a bi-monthly package of home goodies that she mails directly to you! Everything from serving trays to bud vases (and maybe some original HLC paintings one day!). And all the pieces are sure to fit together into a cohesive design aesthetic.

I'm excited to become a valued partner for Albie, providing custom paintings to fit her clients' ideal rooms. Together, I know we will create happy havens for some stressed out people!

If you need design inspiration or help, check out Albie's website HERE. 
And if you need some tranquil art in your life, check out my paintings HERE.


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