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After a fun and intimate soiree to showcase some of my new paintings, they'll be going up for sale on the website this Friday, January 27th at 11am!

Six of the paintings are 30x40 inches and are inspired by the movement in clouds ~ some floating over the sea and some over land. Some very abstract and some a bit more realistic. I hope they bring a sense of calm and reflection to the viewer. (stretched canvas)

Two are 12x12 inch acrylic on hardboard: cloudy sunsets over the ocean. One depicts storm clouds rolling in just after sunset. One shows the golden flash of the sun as it drops beneath the horizon of the sea.

Three are dark and moody abstracts and while I've put titles on them suggesting the theme, I leave it up to the viewer as to whether or not he or she agrees or sees something else within them.

I hope one of the series makes you smile!

See you Friday at 11am!



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