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Ever wonder how some of these paintings come to fruition? Well I’ll tell ya….it’s not always the same with every painting.

Often when I’m painting a new subject, I’ll sketch it out first and kind of paint between the lines (although it doesn’t always stay between the lines). And then once I get comfortable with that, I’ll paint subsequent paintings freehand. And a lot of times, I’ll go back and rework the original one because in comparison to all these free flowing ones, that first one will feel too stiff.

I start with a panoply of color shades and hues which I then mix to create new tones, but which I also layer directly onto the paintings surface to give depth and form.

As you know, I’m into some upbeat colors and themes this spring. Nothing too serious: pops of hot pink, bright green tropical leaves and other “happy” shades. My color mood board, if you will. I’m channeling a bit of Mid-Atlantic preppiness, with a tropical and happy mood.

The Spring 2017 Collection (coming next week!!!) will consist mainly of small to mid-size paintings which lend themselves perfectly to creating gallery walls or clustered collections on a sideboard. And won’t break the bank either!

Head over to my Instagram to see behind the scenes VIDEOS of the actual painting process, starting with a base layer of white paint, followed by pencil drawings and finally actually painting!

Can't wait to share everything with you next week!

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