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As you most likely know at this point, I teach yoga. I've been practicing since 2005 when a friend roped me into taking a yoga class in college (for a legit class....) In 2009 I did my yoga teacher training at the Yoga Center of Columbia (LOOOVEEE this studio, so if you are in Central Maryland, definitely check them out...such a warm community with caring teachers). 

Upon moving to NYC, a friend told me about her favorite studio, Sonic, and enticed me to go there with her one day. While initially I wasn't sure if the style was for me (mostly flow vs the Anusara I practice at home), I found the teachers that spoke to me (seriously the teacher is everything right?). The welcoming environment and close proximity to home were just the icing on the cake that drew me back time after time.

After going to weekly - sometimes daily - classes there for a year, the opportunity arose to continue my teaching education with their prenatal teacher training. I jumped at the chance. And being pregnant at the time was such an added benefit - I was able to experience everything we were discussing and integrate it fully into my teaching.

I could go on and on about the wonderful people in our training group and how I some of us still get together on a weekly basis for walks, coffee and chats. Or I could rave about the fantastic teachers who ran the training. But we can certainly talk about all that another day offline....

What I'm really leading up to here is the fact that the folks at Sonic are so community-minded that in their newsletter, they feature creatives who practice and/or teach at Sonic. And it was so cool to be featured in their newsletter a few months ago. Read all about it here.

But it's even more exciting that my art will be hung during this weekend's Sonic Creative Live event! Saturday night, they are hosting an event full of music, comedy, performance art, and visual art featuring creative people in the community.

The Sonic Creative Live

And what's doubly cool is that the suggested entrance fee of $10 will be donated to DIRECT RELIEF to help those in Puerto Rico affected by the recent hurricane there.

It should be a lovely night of making new friends, chatting with old ones, fundraising for a good cause, and supporting local artists.

Big thanks to the Sonic folks for welcoming me into the fold and showcasing my art and to all those friends and family that plan on attending!

Hope to see some of you there :D

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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