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I got such enjoyment out of creating the above mother-baby figure study for Mother's Day this year. I could feel the warmth and love as I was painting it, as if I were holding my own child.
Therefore, I've decided to paint a dedicated collection of figure studies depicting mothers/mothers and children. I am in awe of the strength it takes - physically, emotionally and mentally - to raise a child, but also the necessary softness. From this place of strength and softness together, I will be launching The Strong Mothers Project this fall (2018). I welcome participation from all mothers and can't wait to engage their incredible power!! Here's how you can get involved:
My hope is to get lots of moms involved and excited, no matter your child's age (maybe they're an adult)! While I have a number of models already, I'd love to welcome anyone else who feels passionate about the interplay of strength and softness that comes with motherhood.
Here are the two ways to get involved:
1. Become a work of art - Send me a photo of you/you and your child that you cherish from which I can paint (see example photo of Ean and me below). You can choose the size of the painting, and you'll receive an automatic 20% off my standard commission pricing, as well as free shipping, which could be a $250+ value if you go really big!
Hannah and Ean at the beach
2. Sponsor the project - As a Paint Sponsor, you're monetary support will enable me to purchase paint and canvases to create this collection. 
For $50, you will receive the following benefits:
-Every time I post or talk about the project, I will mention/list (and tag/link to) my sponsors
-Each sponsor will receive 1 dedicated IG post, 1 dedicated Fbook post (not a duplicate of IG post), and 3 separate dedicated IG story posts between now and the end of 2018
-Each sponsor will have the opportunity to guest blog on my website if you so choose with links to your business or whatever you want
-I will highlight each sponsor within one of my email newsletters
Please let me know what questions I can answer, and I hope something sparks your interest! I'd love to have all of you join the project! Use this link to send me questions, let me know you're IN, and get painting prices.

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