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This isn't one of those blogs with a depressing subject line, but when you open it, it's actually all sunshine and rainbows. 

I hate those "Gotcha, I'm actually really fantastic" emails and blogs (*eye roll*)

So here's the thing: this is hard. Duh. Anyone who's a parent of course already knew that, but here I was thinking I'd catch snatches of time to paint and work while Ean was asleep.

Ummmmm....between needing to sleep myself, clean bottles, eat and everything else, taking 20 minutes to set myself up to paint isn't realistic when he's going to start making noises 10 minutes after falling asleep.

But that's not what I hate (although this whole new schedule is truly exhausting and I'm so grateful for all the help friends and family have provided).

What I hate is this painting I'm working on (picture below)....I have this idea in my head and even after repainting this a multitude of times, it's not turning out how I want it to...

blue grey and white abstract landscape work in progress

So I'm pressing on and reworking and repainting. Maybe I'll scratch be seen.

What I hate is wanting to send out pictures and connect with people....but it has to take the backseat for now because of all things baby.

I know you get it.

The new paintings are coming...very slowly....but one day this fall they'll be done, and I'll look forward to sharing them then :)

In the meantime, if you're contemplating any custom work for holiday presents, please get in touch sooner rather than later since I only have a limited amount of space and time.

OH!! I just remembered that I also offer gift certificates so that you can give someone the gift of art, but they can choose what they want/order something custom themselves! (seriously, I just remembered tired)



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