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Phew it feels like I've been conceptualizing this Winter White collection for-ev-er! The truth is that it's really hard to paint an interesting white painting! Up close it might be beautiful, but from afar, um, it may just look like a white square (shrug).

So that's that. I'm still working. Working with metallics. Working with building texture. Working to create strong lines and subtle colors. Working with the glitter (which is not as easy as I had hoped/anticipated....also it kind of scares me to have that floating around with a small child so I've been SUPER anal about containing it to a corner of the living room, doing it after he's asleep and meticulously cleaning up after myself).

I did finish the above commission as part of the Winter White collection (and commission #3 in my year of 24 me if you'd like to be considered for one of the spots), and I'm pretty much in love with the wispy silver, soft pink and shiny whites and pink tones.

But here are some of the other works in process in various stages of completion. My goal is to have these wrapped up by the end of the month and anticipate painting the following:

1. 1 20x20 inch canvas

2. 1 18x18 inch canvas

3. 2 4x4 mini blocks

4. 1 10x10 birch board

5. 4-6 8x8 birch board

If you'd like to pre-reserve any particular size, let me know, and I can work within the Winter White theme to paint a commission to your tastes, colors and specs.

Okay, here we go:

all white textured painting; step one of 20x20 winter white collection canvas

Painting #1 - 18x18 canvas

Step #1: Palette knife a ton of goopy white paint onto canvas. Wait 1 million years for it to dry only to realize the watery texture has warped your canvas. Luckily it dries without waviness but the deep textural grooves have seeped into the canvas such that they are no longer as pronounced and cool looking.

winter white collection in process. white painting with silver stripes and painters tape

Step #2: Add silver to one half of canvas. Hate it. Paint over with thin white paint such that bits of silver show through. Love. Now what to do with bottom half? Painters tape some geometric stripes of metallic and cream paint of course!

more painters tape and silver stripes on winter white canvas painting

Step #3: Browse t-squares on Amazon. Shoot, the long ones are all kind of expensive and won't arrive next day. Soldier on with standard ruler. Eye roll.

winter white painting on canvas with silver and iridescent white accents

Next painting (painting #2) - 20x20 canvas

Step #1: Silver, grey, iridescent white and tan make appearances. Overlay thin white paint to tone it down. Something feels unbalanced here.

winter white abstract painting with metallic silver and tan accents

Step #2: Added more texture with thick paint application with palette knife. Loving it close up. Not getting it from afar. Hmmmmm. Thicker paint I think.

light pink and greige abstract painting on birch board

Painting #3 - 8x8 board

Step #1: Palette knife light pink and greige (that's beige and grey for those that forgot when that nail polish color was all the rage). Kind of love as is. Can I stop? Top coat of varnish and done?

So that's that for now, but I'm totally enjoying playing with all these different mediums and techniques. Some of these paintings seem free flowing and others more rigid and linear but each one is definitely unique.

PS Isn't that a weird thing as an artist? You have to stop yourself. No one tells you when you're done (except for when they do which is awesome). And the issue being that if you change something and hate it, you can't go back. There's no undo button or reverting back to a prior iteration. Gotta trust yourself!! And go.

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    February 16, 2018 at 21:35

    I’m awakening to just how many versions of whites, grays, ivory , beige etc you can mix up almost infinitely

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    February 16, 2018 at 16:54


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    February 14, 2018 at 10:52

    Love your whites — and the texture, and the subtle silvers, pinks, etc. !


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