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Pink Petals


20x20 inch acrylic on stretched canvas The largest painting in the collection, I love the bits of shiny white and silver peeking through pink, tan, magenta, shiny silver and white details



18x18 acrylic paint on wooden board I love the way the dark colors wrap around the edges for an infinity look Deep purples, blues and greys

Rose Mood


11x14 acrylic on wood boardpink and blue/green roses on black and green background The edges play into the abstract theme - mostly white but then I've continued painting some of the petals onto the sides, but not all of them.

Whispering Rose


10x10 acrylic painting on deep stretched canvaslavender and green Green/blue and purple edging as the organic rose patters flows over the edges

Serene Spiral


10x10 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvasblue, grey, hint of rose and white Love the deep wrap on this 10x10 stretched canvasAround and around, looking into the depths of the flower petals

Ocean Rose


6x6 inch acrylic painting on wooden boardblue, grey, purple, silver



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